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GESS is Proud to be a South African company excited by the possibilities of 2010 and 10 years of democracy. We are committed to sincere BEE and to a role in helping alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life of our rainbow nation. GESS have the technologies to help plan, design, build and manage the growth of transportation and other infrastructure required to help all in our land.


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Become a preferred provider of Graphic Engineering Solutions and Services to the built environment


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Exploiting in-depth engineering and IT knowledge and best of breed technologies to create Graphic Engineering Solutions & Services (GESS) that add profound client value


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Bentley Support Email

+27 11 369 0750


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GESS has been working in consultation with the Gauteng Department of Transport, Road and Public Works (Gautrans) for the last two years in setting up Web Portals for high profile Road Construction / Upgrade / Maintenance projects in Gauteng. The concept is three-fold:
  • To disseminate information to the Public on the nature of Road projects
  • To create a system whereby construction site staff could log into a project specific web site, and update daily impacts to motorists - with little or no high level IT skills
  • To create a secure area where Contractor / Consultant and Client (Government) could log into and upload / download site documentation (CAPEX forms / CashFlow / Site Minutes) etc.
This system has really taken off in Gauteng, and the address for the website is captured on the contractors sign-board next to each project - the current address is Gauteng specific: www.gautrans.co.za - thus motorists and public get to know this address and have an avenue to gain more information on the project.
GESS have however embarked on an initiative to expand this project to a national level. The national site web address is: http://www.roadprojects.co.za and is aimed to have links specific to each province.
If you are interrested in participating in this initiative, or require any additonal information, please contact Mr Ian van Dyk at 27 11 369 0750 or email him at vandyki@gess.co.za


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IT systems often fail to solve the real problem. A broad range of business, management, engineering and IT competencies help deliver sustainable solutions to the real problem and align people, processes and technology to meet business goals.

Engineers are often too busy with core business to take advantage of IT. GESS has experience in providing IT infrastructure and the integration of best of breed products to create world class systems and services to leading international engineering consulting firms as well as in creating cutting edge 3D graphic systems used in the production planning of most of the world’s gold and platinum.

Business and engineering systems are often like water and oil.  GESS has integration and business experience, improving the bottom line by bringing a greater business element into engineering, and better technical understanding into finance and business.

Most Engineering information and experience is lost after design and construction. GESS has experience in creating applications that reuse design rules and project data throughout the project life cycle including the management of assets and facilities.

Great value is achieved using predictive models, process simulation and optimisation.

Companies are reluctant to invest in expensive IT development. Win-win financing models ensure business benefits outweigh costs and risks (partnering, co- and out-sourcing, using innovation grants).

Expanding customer offerings. GESS is involved with innovative solutions to help companies extend engineering into the life cycle management of infrastructure, assets, and facilities from retail shopping centres, road networks, power-lines, power station assets as well as water, air and power systems for the mining environment.


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When using this web site, one can move your mouse over your selected tab (Home, Bentley, Products etc......) which will expand the tab to sub tabs for your selection. Using your left mouse select button click on the required tab, don't forget that you can also select the head tab  Bentley, Products, Servises etc.... . These main pages has general information on the selected topic

Hope you find our web site informative.


1/1/2004 12:00 AMGess get appointed the Bentley MX Value Added Reseller for Sub-Saharan Africa.
3/1/2004 12:00 AMCongratulations to Muzi Sibanyoni and Francois Grobler appointed as Directors form 1st March 2004 and their appointment to the Board
5/24/2004 12:00 AMCongratulation to Dimension Model for 2nd Place in the Visualization Category at the International Bentley Awards Ceremony
8/1/2004 12:00 AMGESS launch new Web Portal Solution for the management of infrastructure information for Zimbali new developments
7/1/2004 12:00 AMGESS sign extended contract with Bentley as an appoint VAR
1/1/2005 12:00 AMGESS gets appointed as the Haestad Vaue added reseller in Africa.
2/1/2005 12:00 AMGESS complete Visualisation on the Gautrain Project
12/1/2005 12:00 AMCongratulations to Ian van Dyk on his appointment as a Director effective 1 Dec 2005
4/20/2006 12:00 AMGESS appointed to do the Visualisation of the new De Hoop dam & roads for DWAF


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